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Want to read an excerpt from Cipher?

Cipher is available at the following retailers:

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*A young adult standalone, Cipher is considered a romantic suspense/murder mystery. Recommended for ages 13 and up due to minimal violence and some strong language.*


Excerpt from Chapter Ten:

Grayson closed the distance between our lips. Butterflies tap-danced in my stomach as he deepened the kiss. However wrong this might be, it felt oh so right.

When he pulled away, he grinned. His arms moved as he swam away. “You know, things don’t have to be this difficult. You don’t have to fight me all the time.”

“I let you kiss me, didn’t I?” I snorted.

His laughter filled the air. “Let me? You wanted to kiss me, too. Admit it.”

“Confident much?”

Grayson leaned back and began swimming on his back. I tried my best to ignore his fit stomach and body bobbing along the top of the lake.

With his ears below the surface, he said, “Confidence isn’t a bad thing, you know.”

Churning the water with my hand, I replied, “Yeah, well, it is if it makes you conceited and arrogant.”

I wasn’t sure if he heard me with his ears muffled by the lake, but he righted himself with a little splash. “And do tell how you know I’m that way? I’m not as overconfident or vain as you think I am.”

“You aren’t? You could’ve fooled me, Grayson.”

He swam closer and wrapped his hands around my waist. The warmth of his fingers caressed my skin, and I had to close my eyes before I gave away just how much his touch affected me.

“I may be a lot of things, but I’m not as bad as you think I am. You should know better than to judge by outward appearances. Sometimes there is more on the inside than I let on,” he said, his fingers moving their way up my back. “You’re my weakness and the only person I want to show who I really am to. The real Grayson Sterling.”

His lips pressed against mine and I let him kiss me. Okay, who was I kidding? I kissed him back and loved every minute of it.

I could easily let Grayson in, and he’d let me. As his lips moved against mine, I relished in the kiss, a foreign shiver moving its way across my body. Was this lust? Or was it emotional attachment? I didn’t know. All I knew was his lips were hypnotic.


Scary evil man with hood in darkness

Portrait happy young teenage couple outdoor

*2016 © Emma Shade*


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